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Beware - total scam absolute *** of the earth!!!! Took over 70k from my clients promising to make them successful......

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This was an amazing experience! Information overload? Yes. But on my return as I started processing all the information, I realized how valuable it was. So organized, comprehensive yet all inclusive. It's like the building blocks to a lucrative future, laid out in meticulous detail in front of me. If I can follow it to the T, I am convinced of enormous success. It reminded me of R Kelly's song : I believe I can fly... Also Nick's genuineness is... Read more

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I was part of the Nick Vertucci August Bus Tour in Irvine, California. I went alone but was able to meet up with some new friends I met from the 3-day seminar in Chicago this June. I was apprehensive but determined to go the distance. I am three years out from retirement from The Chicago Public Schools. The Chicago/Illinois politicians have been taking my hard earned pension fund for their own agenda and if I actually get any of it, as a single... Read more

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Experience with NVREA training and what made me want to go. What happened to me when i was there. What happened to me after i went to NVREA traning academy. What has happened to me since i went to the academy. The things that are said about the academy and what i have to say after paying for mutable training seminars and what it got me. These are words from someone that was there ,saw and herd what Nick Vertucci is really all about. WHAT COULD... Read more

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I recently went to the August NVREA Bus Tour Event. What an incredible, life changing experience. Nick and the entire NVREA staff were fantastic. If you want to learn the real estate investment business, this is the place. Nick and his staff will walk you through step-by-step the entire real estate investment process. From mindset to corporate structure, from how to find deals and calculate offer prices, to how to determine, estimate repair... Read more

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My husband and I just attended the August 2016 Bus Tour and it was everything that was promised and so much more! Nick Vertucci is hilarious, intelligent, real, with integrity and morals, and truly cares about the success of every person there. It was the best financial decision I have ever made and has given me peace of mind. Now when I think of my and my husband's future or our children's future I am happy and excited instead of having panic... Read more

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For years, I've been looking for a way to create a better life for my family. I've tried many different offers but none of them come close to what Nick Vertucci and his staff are doing for people. He teaches financial wisdom in a time where finances are a tongue and cheek subject. He is opening doors I've only dreamed about. He teaches you how to create wealth safely and efficiently without trying to play the odds in the stock market. His... Read more

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I have had the amazing opportunity to attend a NVREA bus tour. What an amazing experience. Even better is knowing that there is an amazing community of people to help and encourage you along the way after your bus tour is over. It is an expensive endeavor, but it is the price of a great education and support network. I would do it again. The days were long, but it was totally worth it. Getting to see the mock ups for all the construction... Read more

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I had a really great time at the bus tour. Nick was very kind, generous, and understanding. He motivated me and inspired me to take a chance to make a change, and I'm glad I chose to do it with this company. It is expensive, I will say that. But then again, people fork out 10s of thousands of dollars for college and no one bats an eye. I see it as an investment in myself, after all knowledge is power. And I believe that Nick's system has taught... Read more

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Chances to succeed with NVREA is far more then with any other system. Nick is very genuine and truly interested in all his trainee .

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