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Nick's system is much like other gurus out there. It's a business, designed to make money, and lots of it. They tease you, sell you, upsell you again, and upsell you some more just when you thought you had bought it all. Each time they make you feel like you need to go "all in" to become successful. The bus tour costs 25k per person. 2 people for 50k. Then there's the 3 day one-on-one coaching for, what, 25k more? The truth is, you get excited and believe you can close deals, but outside of the help you get from other bus tour attendees, you are on your own when it comes to actually finding and financing a deal

Let's be clear: it's a tough market and it's pretty hard to find great deals; and good, but not great deals are hard to sell to fellow tour members and hard money lenders. Nick builds up the hype and your confidence, but reality is at your doorstep when you return home. The relatively few success stories are broadcast on the facebook page by proud attendees ("pride members") who have been able to turn their education and confidence (and usually someone's investment) into a good profit. These people used NV as a catalyst to get going. But there are many, many more people who have had no such success. Many attendees expect success to just happen because they bought into the program. Folks, it's hard work to make money, even if you have a lot to work with: that's the bottom line.

The sad truth is that many NV students have spent their last penny and used all their credit on a NV education and have nothing to spend when it comes time to put down earnest money on a deal. It really does take money to make money, so be smart and don't spend it all on your education.

Do get an education, one way or another. If you have a lot of money to spend, NVREA will teach you all the basics and get your excitement and confidence level sky high for big bucks. But there are investor groups everywhere. Join one and participate in biggerpockets.com and other such sites, and save your hard earned money so you have some money to invest in your deals. Find local like-minded people to mentor you, hold your hand, and get your first deals done. It works: this is how I got started and made my money flipping houses full time. You are the creator of your destiny and can reach success in real estate with or without Nick Vertucci. I did!

I liked: Basic re education, Staff.

I didn't like: Value of services.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1200333

I just attended the bus tour he has and your prices are incorrect. And nothing is ever pushed on you to buy.

They are options of things that will increase your knowledge and wealth. There's no pressure to buy any of it. This program is built on integrity and I stand by that. All my instructors carer about my success as a person even when I didn't purchase all the items offered.

I can contact them anytime and they are here for me. I'm not left on my own after the tour was over. That's a true support system. The FB page you mention has thousands of success stories not just a few.

And yes it is worth every last penny you have to get the education provided. Nick is personally involved and cares about all his students successes. Like you said of course you can do it cheaper in your own. But it's just that.

You're on your own. In this program you are now apart of a family who's made the mistakes you might run into and can help you through an that come up. They are available all the time to help. It's simple, if you apply what you learn in this amazing program and stick to the steps.

You will succeed! Good luck in your ventures.

Tustin, California, United States #1195766

This is Nick Vertucci I wanted to respond to this personally !!!!

Those are NOT my price points and this review is either fake and or from a competitor or someone promoting the site mentioned in their review.

For three years I've run the most ethical real estate training company in this industry.

Best training with massive success. Building a huge community of networking and Support. It's a shame this post is allowed as it does not reflect our company and our successful students.

Keep reading all the legit reviews from actual students of NVREA for an accurate assessment of us.

Don't let this person with an agenda and no real experience with us take the opportunity away from you to work with us.

Or at least check us out.

Nick Vertucci

to Anonymous #1239769

70k in debt and the 0% on the cards are running out..Can you say bankruptcy? Nick sure gets his money really fast and your left holding an empty bag of ****

Please do not go through this rip off "system"


I agree I have spent a lot of money on education. I got the CC's going and I am in huge debt.

I need help in other cities with contractors and investors. I made some financial mistakes... buying an LLC. I had already done 2 flips before with my own money and 3 buy & rehab Rental Property.

I can do it in my own city, because I did before I went to NVREA.

What did NVREA do for me?

****$1650.00 should be refunded if someone signs up for Bus and Field training.

30K The school put me in intouch with gap funding deals and lots of great people. How to use IRA funds, CC, and other peoples money in theory, (I have not done one yet. I still want to.)

I took the field training 25K and loved my guy.

I was over whelmed and what we did was make offers, huge offers in other cities. We called, RE agents, Contractors, and lenders some our mentor knew personally and perhaps they would have funded a deal. However, we were very inexperienced.

How can these great tools be better used.

Mentor 25K 1) Go through one deal w your mentor, Finding the deal, Making the offer, FBI mode, Contractor, Rehab, Re-list. Some of this can be done facetime and emails. (Too much information also, My mentor was so busy after it was hard for him to help me.) 2) Mentor MUST be from city of trainee, well versed in the city of the trainee. 3) Do one deal out of town, with guidance via phone and facetime at a later date.

NVREA 30K 1) Making a real deal, step by step, with your teams in CALIFORNIA. 2) Have Bus tours type training in states and cities where the students live. 3) FBI mode was the bus tour. really.

4) Stop your free gifts and give SCHOLARSHIPS, for your 2 day training before the push for BUS Tour. I hope this will help your team make your school better.

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