Almost from the beginning, the speaker started hinting the need for a more expensive training ($20,000. - $30,000.) minimum.

An 'interesting' aspect of the 3 days seminar is that they segregate the participants by age group and credit score. The speaker/instructor had some quite questionable ethical values: - no need to create jobs = employees mean trouble; - charge as much rent as the market allows it = not even a second thought for families having to use more than 50% of their income for 'shelter', etc....etc.

- with this mentality, there is no surprise that our standard of living has been falling below many of the countries in the European Union and our middle class is vanishing. - I believe I can create wealth for my family and extend it to as many people as possible since poverty around us puts us all in danger.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar.

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Orange, California, United States #1337955

I am 100% confused by your post. Reason for the review is poor customer service yet nowhere in your post do speak of service being an issue.

Mediocre is a word that has never been used to describe us as we only strive to be the best.

We teach "willing" students how to change their lives and create legacies.

I disagree with all that you wrote, but the first line is all that is specific. The rest is your opinion, which is great. But applicable here?

With that said please call me and lets talk about specifics.

We always strive to be better.

Jamie Tomlinson

Vice President NVREA


Wow! Is that all you got out of this Great opportunity to change your life. It's a mind set and making a choice to walk away negative.....wow!

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