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Thank you for your review and giving us a chance to address your concerns. A lot of times our initial emails go into junk mail and in this case the email address we had on file for you had an incorrect letter in it. Unfortunately, the wrong email address caused numerous emails to not hit their mark with you. We apologize for the perception this caused. The main partner gets all the emails this is true. We have since spoken to you and resolved all this. Thank you for your amended review. Looking forward to working with you!
Nick Vertucci


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity.

“Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.
Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission.
Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci
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Update by user May 02, 2017

I'm impressed with the speed at which the NVREA team resolved my concerns. Just got a call from Jamie Tolson, who addressed the rest of the items on the list.

The information presented thus far seem legit.

So now I can definitely say I'm looking forward to the bus tour later this year. Thanks, Jamie!

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2017

I attended the 3-day seminar, I was very happy with the team we had. Ryan and Rob provided us with a good bit of useful information, enough to do paper flips on our own.

From the seminar reviews I’ve seen online, I can safely say Ryan and Rob comprise one of your best teams. Because of them, we purchased the elite package. Everything continued smoothly, until after the event. I encountered a total absence of communication from NVREA.

We were told we would receive an email containing the group facebook page. I received nothing. We were told we would receive information regarding their wholesale webinar series. Nothing.

We were also supposed to receive information on the bus tour, for which we paid a hefty amount. Again, nothing. I got a but ticked off at NVREA’s silence. So I called to ask whether the partner is actually entitled to any of the benefits advertised in the course, such as coaching and the facebook page. They said yes.

I then asked why I received absolutely no communication from them. Come to find out, if you sign up with a partner, ALL of the follow up contacts and information is directed ONLY to the main contact on the agreement. A coach did call my partner, who then forwarded the subsequent emails to me. This information about contacts should have been clearly communicated prior to having two people sign the agreement.

It just seems so deceptive otherwise. Carla, the representative to whom I spoke, confirmed my email address and said she would send me all of the initial emails. What did I get? Nothing.

I called back later in the afternoon to change the phone number on file. It seems there will be difficulty locating me in the system without first referencing my partner's phone number. Very inefficient. To date, all communication continue to be directly solely to my partner, the main contact.

I've emailed Nick Vertucci twice over the past few days and haven't received even an acknowledgement. Were I to advise a potential student intending to register for the bus tour with someone unrelated and don’t intend to partner with them in this business, I would say, think twice because you may never hear from NVREA again without some effort. In other words, you are SOL.

Overall, I would give the 3-day seminar 5 stars, but the administrative portion rates a zero. Communication is key and the lack thereof is quite disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Level of knowledge at seminar.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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A response from the Top

We pride ourselves on our customer service and I can assure you that this is not standard business practice for our corporate office.

First let me clarify that the partner IS ABSOLUTELY included in everything the main contact receives, so please let us know who informed you differently, because that is not accurate and we are not nor would we ever be deceptive in any way. I can assure you of that.

We do and always have included all partners who sign the contract in ALL and ANY communication.

As far as you not hearing from us, the 3-day events end on Sundays and we promptly make our welcome calls on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Tuesday morning we received a voicemail from you upset about not getting the welcome call and Lily, one of our representative, called you first thing in the morning to let you know that Karla would be calling you as soon as she got in the office and give you the welcome call. Karla then called you as promised.

Our emails with the bus tour and Facebook information went out on Monday as usual, but unfortunately the email we used for you had one incorrect letter in it, so it obviously couldn't have reached you. This is also the email that was given to Siua and the reason you haven't heard from him. I can assure you that we have correct this now and you will get all communication from now on.

The fact that Karla asked you for your partners phone# to pull your contract up was not because our system is inefficient. We definitely can look a contract up by the partners name, but there are many different ways we can search for a contact record and she may have had problems finding you with your name, so she tried a different option to speed up the process.

Anderson has not contacted you because you need to be paid in full before they will start services and you still have a balance owed. Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

to Nick Vertucci #1323415

Thanks for responding.

I don't remember the name of the woman who told me all communications go to the main contact.

I only remembered Karla because I spoke to her more than once.

I did receive two emails today, one from Angelica regarding the bus tour and one from Siua to register for the webinar. Regarding the balance, my partner provided her banking information but the funds haven't been withdrawn yet.


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