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This review has to be a competitor as the amount they reference is NOT an accurate amount offered by our company. We have never been contacted by this person nor do we have any knowledge as to who this is. NVREA is committed to customer service and satisfaction before, during, and after you join our network. After four years educating students, our reputation is stellar on every review site with organic ratings of 5 stars plus. NVREA will continue to be the best in the business. The statement that we control this site and put up our own positive reviews, well, I wish! As you can see all reviews get posted and we do our best to respond to any concerns and weed out the fake ones. We are fortunate to have such great success and we do have a very high positive rating on this site and all over the internet.
Nick Vertucci


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity.

“Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.
Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission.
Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci
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I was scammed by nick and it is impossible to get back my money! Nick's staffs are running around online trying to leave positive feedback's to cover up nick's scamming way by leaving fake feedback's that will cover up what he is really doing.

You will not get nothing but an expensive BUS RIDE, my advise to the reader of this your research thoroughly, you will see that spending $50,000 is a waste of time. You can use that to invest in your first deal.

Anyone who thinks they are going to learn how to get rich from Nick's BUS RIDE, think again. All you will end up with is a $50,000 bill that does not give you any ROI......stay away from this place. They promised that they would give you back your money, but that is a lie!!! they stole from me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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We believe the program is worth every Penney. We have our first house pending and are very excited about it.

They were even nice enough that since my husband & I both couldn't go at the same time.

So my husband went to the first bus tour and I will go to the next one that comes up soon. We learned a lot and can't wait to put all of our knowledge to use.


Every penny spent was 1000% worth. Not sure what are you talking about...? Three of us are students of Nick Vertucci and we have not but nice things to say about him and the entire team.


What a joke of a review. This is about as disingenuous and "Fake News" as it gets.

If you are reading this, please keep in mind there are other Real Estate programs that compete with the Nick Vertucci system and they are FAILING, which is why they have people write these fake reviews. Don't be surprised if the reviewer is the owner of one of these other competing programs. I've been through the training, ALL OF IT and invested a lot of money. I will tell you it was ALL worth every penny.

Don't be scammed by reviewers like this. Rest assured and move forward with full confidence that Nick Vertucci is the real deal.


NVREA is a Legitimate CLASS-ACT Business!

I am a student, who is thankful and excited to be a part of this amazing life-changing journey that Nick Vertucci and NVREA has provided with phenomenal education, and phenomenal people to teach and train others. So very blessed to have crossed this pathway on my personal journey to success!

NVREA is simply THE BEST!


The NVREA bus tour and the entire Nick Vertucci system is legitimate and first class!

I am grateful I am a student of Nick's system and would recommend it to any potential real estate investor. With Nick and his very accessible support staff I am now a real estate investor. It was worth every penny.


I attended the NVREA Bus Tour in February 2015 and Field Training in June 2015. I've also been back to the Bus Tour twice as a testimonial to share my story/success.

Nick's system and team are the best in the business. I've attended other real estate training courses and no ones education compares to NVREA. Nick and his team are extremely knowledgeable and are the best at what they do. They've given us all of the tools and education we need to be successful in the real estate industry.

I've never seen an owner of a company be so involved in the day to day with his students like Nick is. He truly cares about the well being of his students and protects each and everyone one of us. Not to mention he is one of the most ethical people I've ever met. It's up to us as students to take the education we received in NVREA and apply it to our business.

Success won't happen while you wait around hoping it will fall in your lap, you need to work for it. Anyone that says Nick and his system are a scam, clearly hasn't been through the bus tour or has and isn't working hard enough to achieve their goals towards financial freedom. I'm 28 years old and have made more money with freedom of my time than I did working in corporate America for over 5 years prior. Nick Vertucci and his team have changed my life forever for the better!

I will always be grateful for Nick and the education I received through NVREA!

The person that wrote the negative "anonymous" comment should be ashamed of themselves and you're a coward. If you want to write a false review, you should man up and write your name!

Thank you, Nick Vertucci for everything!


Nick and his staff have been wonderful. Lot's of excellent training worth every dollar.

The work isn't easy but nothing worth it ever is and if it is easy than it is not worth it. You have to put the time and hours into it yourself.


I completely disagree! We learned so much, of what to do, and not to do investing in real estate!

Time and money was well spent in improving our future wealth.

Thank you, Nixk Vertucci and company!!! FIVE STARS *****


Nick and his Staff have given us all the tools that we need. Now it's up to us to implement all of that training.

Nothing will be placed for you on a silver platter. You are not alone, and if you think you are please reach out to one of the greatest network ever created. Nick and his staff will not let you fall or fail.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, it will take effort and work but Nick has supplied us with all the right tools to be successful. Thank you Nick Vertucci.


Our bus ride was the single most informative real estate school I have ever had. We were equipped and educated to start a new business and crush it!

And the support did not end with the ride home.

I still have mentors and connections for the work that are priceless! Thanks Nick for the great training and support!


I attend Nick's bus tour May of 2016 and I am very happy with the results from Nick's teaching.

Probably like most people, when I got home I had a lot of paralysis by analysis and thought deals were going to just come my way, with little work from me. NOT UNTIL I started treating this like a business and putting in the hours, is when I finally seen success and was able to quit my full time job, and do real estate full time now.

Thanks for everything Nick Vertucci.


I attended Nick Vertucci REA. It has been a year since I have attended the program.

We have not bought and sold our first property yet. However today we have a property under contract and are moving forward with making this one happen. We are in Massachusetts where the market is very tight and competitive. We are now working in Texas.

Nick has taught us how to remotely fix and flip in other states and that is exactly what is happening now. Not only has Nick provided us with the capability of working distant markets remotely he also provided us with endless support and plenty of people to network with. Not to mention our highly skilled and expert field trainer who has been awesome throughout this whole experience. I give Nick and his team of experts nothing but praise and gratitude.

Anyone who completes this course and fails, they need to look in the mirror, that is the person they need to reprimand!

Thank you Nick Vertucci! You're the Best!

to Anonymous #1361363

comment from Gregory Perry Gloucester MA


My husband and I have both gone through all of the training offered by Nick. It was very very good.

He is a genuine person and his staff has always been very accommodating. It is easy to get someone on the phone or via e-mail to answer your questions at any time. That said, this business is quite difficult and if you think getting the training is going to make real estate investment happen quickly and automatically - think again. There is a lot of work to putting this together after the training is over.

Nick has given us the tools and education ( shortening the learning curve by giving us the benefit of learning from his mistakes). But you really have to APPLY yourself and take advantage of the tools.

Quit complaining and go back and review your coursework. If you have questions on how to proceed - call!


If you're looking for a get rich quick program, this isn't it. Nick teaches you how to buy and sell real estate and how to minimize your risk.

And anyone who ever bought a house will tell you it takes time and work. Especially if you have to fix it up. The knowledge gained through the training is worth the price of admission. Education is best investment you can make.

Most financial gurus will tell you that.

If you didn't get anything for the training, that's on YOU. Don't bash on Nick and his team because you're hard headed.


Legally, the technique of misrepresenting ones identity to attempt to persuade the author of a harmful post to take some action in order to obtain that authors IP address is referred to as pretexting. Given the ethical obligations attorneys are bound to, attorneys or any agents directed by them may not use pretexting.

Therefore, an attorney assisting a victim of an online attack will not be able to advise the victim of these methods. Butthe victim can seek the assistance of a cyber investigator prior to contacting an attorney.


My name is Troy Rosales and I went to the NVREA with my family and let me tell you this was the best thing that has ever happen to me. We have the best in the business to help us at any time by Facebook and by email. Nick Vertucci is always looking out for us and I really appreciate that very much.

I highly recommend touring NVREA


No way this was a scam, sure it takes hard work, but what doesn't!?


Unbelievable.. why are you "anonymous" ?

You can't be man enough to give your name and stand behind what your accusations are? Wow!! Well, we are Shay Mason - IE: Tim Fleck and Diana White and we are NOT staff.. we are students from the February 2017 Bus Tour.

Not only has this been the best investment we have ever made but we are already on the road to success.

We can only guess that IF you did attend one of the Bus Tours, you didn't take it seriously, didn't pay attention, AND most likely walked away waiting for the deals to come to you! Maybe you feel "entitled"? It doesn't get handed to you, it takes hard work!

Here's to Nick Vertucci and his awesome staff for providing so many students the opportunity to learn his system and make their lives better! NVREA is truly the BITB !!!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1340970

You do not even know what it costs.


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