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I'm signed up for the 3-day class in December but now I'm terrified reading some of thede reviews.I didn't know they wanted you to do more training after the initial 3 days.

And at 30k a pop?

Nooo, im a single mom!What did i just get myself into?

Reason of review: Other issue.

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single mom this is for you.don't quit before you start and by all means let your kids help.

you are not just doing this for yourself it's for them. show them how to do it and let them help you. you are building a future for them so let them help, you'll be surprised at what they have to offer. be the great mom that you are and make a new life for yourself and your kids.

i know it may seem hard and you can't see the sun for the clouds.trust me you can do this.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #1242865

If you don't have a 680 fico score you can't get funding for the advanced training. Paper flip part of this course was maybe 3 hours of 3 long days.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1242842

The three day class is worth every penny !Nobody is obligated to go onto advanced trainings.

It's like getting your AA degree of you want a BA you go on. Then masters. Then phd. Education is what you want to make of it and how far you want to go.

The 3 day class is awesome.


Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1242040

don't give up before you get started, hang in there you can do this you don't need money use your investor.i promise you will not regret it.

you have a mentor and other team members ready to help along with Nick himself.

if you work it the way they train you, you will come out on top.just hang in there,you get what you put in.

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