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Thank you for your review and we apologize you did not get the free gifts. Like you mentioned in your review, some people grab too many and in this case, it left you short. Please contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and we will be happy to send you what you missed.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity.

“Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.
Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission.
Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci

The free seminar was great until the end when the dirt balls showed their true intentions of attending. Some took more than one of each of the free gifts for attending.

I saw one person take 5 of each item.

There was people that got nothing like myself because of this. Maybe someone should hand out the gifts that way everyone will get them.

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