I never had the opportunity to take his class because when I went to the first meeting they wanted $1600 immediately to do anything I told the guy I don't have $1600 I live paycheck to paycheck so I asked him if there's anyway I can save up the money and do the class later on they told me come back in six months when you have the money they would not work with me at all.

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Tustin, California, United States #1195764

This is Nick Vertucci I wanted to personally answer this.

I'm sorry we could not help you past giving you the free two hour event , lunch and many free gifts.

Meaning it's the best I can do for free. Yes the 3 day class is 1695.00 and worth every penny ! But it has to have cost or I could not provide it. I hope you understand that.

I have thousands of people come through my free event and I could not work with all of them for free it's just not possible.

If and when you're ready to come through our training we'd be happy to help you.


Nick Vertucci

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1184161

They were up front and told you they don't have time for games they are realists.I don't live paycheck to paycheck but this was the worst time to come up with the money so I asked if I could pay it by the three day would they still give the price and they had me fill out a form and said that the staff would follow up to see when I would be ready.

At least 6 people did this.I will be ready for the class in July

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