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In response to this review we believe this is a competitor trying to discredit our company. We were not in Canada at or around this time. That is not our Canadian price points, And some of the other details are things competitors would focus on and verbiage they would use. We look into our students financial outlooks so we can help strategize with them on an ongoing investing plan that is all. As far as our rankings on the internet it’s not SEO it is because we do the right thing and provide what we say we do. Just as I am responding to this review my reputation is very important to me and I protect it.

We have never heard from this person and have No negative survey complaints in that market to date. After every 3day class we review student satisfaction. None to date for this person in this market.

We attended the free evening review in Sarasota, signed up for the $1,695 three day seminar at that time. The 3 days in Tampa was a let down if I had spent $13 on amazon I could have read a real estate book I would have been better off.

During the 3 days they now wanted $49,995 for 7 more days of training, plus access to their system and website. They don't answer any questions in detail, they encourage attendees not to network with other attendees. They tell you with 10 hours a week and no money you can be a millionaire in two years. They begin the 3 days wanting all your bank account values, credit card availability, home equity, credit score, and your permission to apply for more credit cards, telling you this will get you positioned to begin investing in real estate.

In reality it is to determine how you will pay for the additional $50K 7 days of advanced training, which includes the 4 day California bus tour, but you get there on your own dime! I did not go any further! They do not want to answer questions in class, just in case someone is tapping and can prove the scam. I see Larceny charges shutting the company down!

But they buy membership into Rip-off Report to show everyone how great they are! They flood SEO ranking to say only good things.


Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have submitted to Pissed Consumer a full retraction from the person who posted these comments. We had it notarized that the statements were in fact not true at the time.

This person was apologetic and 1000% taken care of by NVREA.

We have now sent a demand letter after receiving no response and are not getting any answers--*Crickets*-- They do not have the legal right to leave this post up, our reputation is everything to us, and we followed their steps to a "T" to have the post removed and it is still here.

Shame on you Pissed Consumer. This is ridiculous!!

To all Students,

If you have a concern or need us for anything please call me prior to posting on this sight.

It is poorly run at best, and offers no solution, only gives a one sided view of an event, and does not abide by its own conditions for post removal. Jamie Tomlinson Vice President NVREA

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Mr Anonymous ,

We find it interesting your IP is from Canada but you went to the Tampa 3 day event. You're the same individual who has been putting up false reviews all over the net to discredit us.

We know who you are and know you're a competitor. You have mis represented numerous details below which i will not even waste my time refuting.

You also mis stated some other facts. I have never paid anyone for reviews including rip off.

My reputation is solid because we do legit business and have the best training in the industry. But you already know this. I also have spent zero dollars on SEO ...ZERO!

It's a shame you are allowed to post something like this.

I do know who you are and I see defamation in your future.

If you are so legit call my office with the number we give our studnts and request a refund.


to NVertucci2244 #1238012

Do you really have s program that is 50k for 7 days or was that a lie too?

I don't know anything about your program but I notice you didn't refute that part.

I had to ask this question but I admit I hate sites like this that anyone can post on anonymously and reviews are not verified. They should be illegal.


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Do not take is course , save your money go to Udemy get the same info 24.00 $

Salinas, California, United States #1233933

Thanks. This was the kind of honest feedback I was looking for. Thanks for posting their ridiculous costs.


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