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This review in our opinion is 100% not real. They say they are posting on a friend’s behalf - no name given – and the pricing mentioned is not accurate. Seems to be a competitor doing a false review. If you or your friend in fact are real, feel free to contact us at 800-328-6418 or


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity.

“Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.
Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission.
Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci

Beware - total scam absolute *** of the earth!!!! Took over 70k from my clients promising to make them successful......

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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A party has initiated a lawsuit in King County Superior Court for the State of Washington in an effort to learn the identity of the author of this review post. The Court's address is 516 Third Avenue, Room E-609, Seattle, WA 98104 and its phone number is (206) 477-1400.

You may visit the court's website at to learn more.

The case number for the lawsuit is 16-2-12661-8 SEA.

Per's Subpoena Policy, located at provides you with 20 days to move to quash the subpoena. If you do not quash the subpoena, will provide your information to the issuing party.


This Post is not credible !

"MY Clients "

I have nobody who is or has filed any complaint for that amount or any other amount. If you are a professional and have a client this isn't a professional way to handle any concern.

To say i am a scam when you don't know me or haven't been through my training is just reckelsss and ridiculous. Or you are someone like maybe the competition trying to ruin my good name and reputation.

But in a case you do have any clients and any are my students. Here is my email give me a shout and tell me the issue.

Because I promise if there is any it will get resolved for sure. That's just how we do business here at Nvrea.

I'll be waiting for you email !! Or Call 800-328-6418 I will also be contacting the host and asking for your information to see if you are in fact legit. Respectfully Nick Vertucci


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