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This review is for NVREA class attended in Scottsdale AZ end of Jan 2017. Real estate investing is a lifelong dream for my partner, I on the other hand no nothing about real estate investing.

Let me say upfront, I am not the ideal student for NVREA because of my lack good credit history, available funds and experience in home buying. Having said that, I am able to gleen quite a bit of knowledge and help after attending the 3day workshop. Because my partner has everything I lack in these areas, I am blessed with the opportunity to get the education he is getting and so far, I am extremely impressed at the system. Have I been skeptical?

Heck yea but this methodology requires personal focus and some faith in order to receive the outcome that is predicted. I support my partners ambition and mind set completely and have put many of my concerns aside since most are not based on actual experience. Cut to the chase. Today is Friday.

Attended workshop last weekend. My mate has $82,500 in available funds approved. (in the mail as we speak) Yes. And neither of us have a steady income coming in for a few months.

That's right, we were both self-unemployed. Not anymore. Mind you I have been extremely diligent in my research to reassure myself that everything we have learned thus far is legit. Including the people who facilitated the event we attended.

Aside from negative comments from folks that did not complete the steps as DIRECTED, I have not come up with any information that is disturbing or “deal breakers” that are fact based. The only thing I can challenge about the program is the ease of process. But to be fair, that is my lack of knowledge in this area so for people that have a clue about real estate and property buying, the ease of use in the process is probably more fluid. (I am new to most of the acronyms and verbiage as well).

This system is not for the faint at heart or a lazy mind set. When I say “system” I mean the end game. (multiple investments of all types, long term strategy and the entire program that Nick is teaching). Would the weekend event benefit me since I am not at my partners’ level?

Yes. Because I have the mind set to be where he is in a year and I learned how to start over and re-establish my credit etc in the weekend event. Independent of him, I have a lot of work to do to get there but it is so worth the time and effort because I am almost 50 and believe that this is a technique that works. Numbers don’t lie, education is a worthwhile investment especially when you can put it to work and see results that pay and provides a lifelong game plan to financial independence.

No degree assures a lifelong gig. This information is lifelong. I am learning how to help myself exponentially already. I am very impressed with Eric and his knowledge of Nicks system.

Although I am on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of life experience, I really admire the mans’ perspective and principals. Throughout the weekend, he was professional, knowledgeable, approachable, sincere and low pressure. Low pressure because the system speaks for itself. It’s easy to sell something you believe in especially when you know it works.

I felt it necessary for a long review because I am a consumer that looks at social media and provides feedback that is solely from me. Meaning, nobody pays me for my opinion. I am open to anyone asking me about my opinion. (I have worked in the industry where I know that some things you read online are paid responses for many reasons or, emotional responses based on experiences where someone did not go through with the entire process for any number of reasons).

I myself am committing to a total leap of faith since I have not done this before. How freaking life changing this will be if this is the gamble that changes my life? Kind of like learning something done right the first time. I would be a fool not to try.

You don’t know if you don’t try is what I always told my daughter. I will come back and continue to provide feedback, honest feedback, as I go through this process. My mate and I will be attending the bus trip end of March. I have much to learn before then so I am excited and a little scared.

I am thankful that the materials we were provided will teach me what I need to know to get in the game.

Lol. Hope this is helpful to anyone reading this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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