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His classes might seem good but hes just out to get your money, and if you unsubscribe from his email list you just get more email.

User's recommendation: Stay Away.

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Our experience was just the opposite. If the classes are good as you say, then they must have some value.

They do not purport to be a non profit. We found value in the courses and completely disagree with your statements.

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Trying to cancel

Signed up 2/17/2019, but have had a change of heart, have been trying to cancel since 2/19/2019. No call as of yet(2/20/2019).

Nv Real Estate Academy Reply:
Dear Consumer,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say it’s sad to see that you’re changing your mind about moving forward with your real estate education.

First I’d like to state is that Nick has always tried to do right by the students and helps them anyway that he can.

You mentioned that as of 2/20 that you have not received a call, and I’m not sure of your post’s timing but please see our timeline as it relates to this matter.

2/19 @ 0923 PST: You called in requesting to cancel your education

2/19 @ 1130 PST: You should have received a call from your strategist to follow up about your cancellation

2/20 @ 1100 CST: you called your strategist back but didn’t leave a voicemail

2/20 @ 1615 CST: strategist called you back and left a voicemail

2/21 @ 0940 PST: you called the office and it was explained to you that you must return the call of the strategist to initiate the refund process and you confirmed that you understood and would make that call.

2/21 @ 1229 CST: Strategist sent you a text asking if you were available to speak and start the refund process and there was never a reply in return

2/22 @ 1049 CST: Strategist called and there was no answer and was unable to leave a voicemail this time

2/22: Check was returned as insufficient funds (NSF). Check was processed on 2/18 as a virtual check as there were notes on your signed contract that stated not to process the check. For the NSF fee, we will gladly send you a check for that fee as the check was already batched before the time of your call.

There were five more attempts to get a hold of you to try and fix this issue as a response to your posting here but we were never able to leave a message to discuss and work with you on resolving this matter.

It wasn’t until March 1, that we received a call back from you to get to understanding. During our conversation I explained to you how the refund process works and that we just wanted you to call us back. However, after your check bounced, we still wanted to do right by you and fix this issue by answering any questions you may have that would have changed your mind despite the lack of funds. During our conversation I asked if you could remove this post as it is not true to what happened as there was no real request for a refund as there was never any money to refund that was withdrawn from your account. You agreed to do so, during our conversation.
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Shut Up Now!

Update by user Nov 05, 2017

With all due respect, NVREA is not qualified to make this statement as the writer has NEVER discussed anything with me EVER about my business: "Thank you for your review Gloria as you know from our discussions you have not put any effort into your own business and did not follow any of our System." ------------------------------------- As far as the refund, I asked for a FULL refund which I was NOT given. -------------------------------------- God knows I am speaking the truth.

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2017

If you want to learn to be a "dumb" investor, this is the place! This is a Clinton-esque run organization: they control all their press and they cannot handle bad news, i.e., the truth.

And they think they own everybody! Everything is falsely positive. Masters of their system do not and would not even follow what they teach. If you should get an offer accepted, it is no long about what the numbers show, they will show you how to make it into a "deal"!

You will not be a smart investor coming here.

You will be in ruin! Run, don't walk because if it sounds too good to be true, I promise it is even worse.

Nv Real Estate Academy Reply:
Thank you for your review Gloria as you know from our discussions you have not put any effort into your own business and did not follow any of our System. Regardless we refunded you and wish you the best of luck.


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity.

“Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.
Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission.
Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci
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Hi Edward

Nick Vertucci here to answer you personally on this one. The reason a legal response was issued to this post is because it is NOT client and or customer.

We know who it is and why this is being posted. We do our research to protect our reputation. If it is in fact a customer we handle and resolve the issue immediately. But unfortunately there are people and yes competitors who will post things that are NOT TRUE.

We also have people who post on pure conjecture and opinion with again NO FACTS. Those generally are the only negative reviews we get and we address them the best we can to educate the poster on the truth.

We do NOT threaten and or attack anyone especially customers and or legit postings. But what we will do is legally protect our reputation from frauds and persons who want to hurt our reputation. I think you would agree with that business model as well ?

Our success rate is based on some internal facts and some external you can see yourself.

As far as our communication and customer service there is no better In the business then us. Hence my responding to this which has no foundation. Our clients calls emails and any communications never falls on a deaf ear with us.

As far as our internal success calculation with our education and training.

Its simple the students who take what we teach them and actually go into the world and apply it the success rate is 100% it works for them. At what level well that varies and is up to them with their efforts and how they apply it. The students who take our training and don't do anything well the same percentage applies it does not work 100% of the time.

Our external statistics speak for themselves. This review site along with all the others out there show our success %%.

We have zero control over any and all posts on the internet and if you look around you will see the following. 5 star dominance , 90% plus positive reviews and all potential negatives are handled and resolved. A+ BBB rating as well. This after four years training thousands of students.

It speaks for itself I think you may agree with that as well?

Edward I hope this response answers all your questions and concerns listed above. Respectfully, Nick Vertucci President CEO / NVREA


An organization that is trying to justly protect its reputation will want to know who and what involvement a comment writer has had with the organization or whether it is a malicious post by a competitor. An organization that is trying to threaten into silence a former customer who was totally dissatisfied and disgusted with the performance or honesty that was experienced may want to know who has commented so it can cover up its performance through threats or attacks.

Which are you?

How about providing statistics that can be analyzed by others to show your success rate and not just platitudes?

Edward J Smith - Hutchinson Island, Florida


"We know who it is and why this is being posted." Does this imply you have spoken to the person, Nick? Because I know for a fact you have not.

You DO NOT know, Nick. You are bluffing, but this is one of your and Jamie's tactics. You are also deliberately making dishonest statements!

"Its simple the students who take what we teach them and actually go into the world and apply it the success rate is 100% it works for them." Nick, you really did not answer Edward Smith's question with any clarity or accuracy, and this is quite a trip up of words! Statistically speaking, there is NO such thing as 100% anything.

There is always a margin of error but for you to claim 100% clearly shows you are not in touch with what is happening with "your students" nor do you want to hear it when it is told to you! I personally know of NO 100% or even close success rate among NVREA students.

Edward Smith, let me put some very conservative numbers before you, so you can decide the skinny. The NVREA bus tour runs around $40,000. Here's the math: If 300 people show up to the bus tour, 300 x 40,000 = $12,000,000 or $12 MILLION!

There is an upsale to "ensure" success with a field training mentor which is another $25,000. If half of the 300 buy the field trainer, that's is 150 people x 25,000 = $3,750,000 or $3.75M! The bus tour and the field training combined comes to $15,750,00 or nearly $16 MILLION for NVREA/Nick! And oh by the way, these numbers DO NOT include the three-day seminar where NVREA sells their bus tour.

The three-day costs approximately $1,700. One of the pat lines at the three-day is that we have taught you enough here these three days to go out and start your real estate investment business (and they say the same thing at the bus tour). And the "normal" person thinks NO! I am really not ready, so they buy the bus tour and then the $25,000 mentorship.

It is all marketing; there is NO system for success for anyone but for Nick and Jamie. If NVREA had any integrity at all, they would start by refunding every mentor payment paid to them. Most of the mentors blow in and out after a couple of days with the student, and the mentor is usually never heard from again as they are mysteriously busy and unavailable, and the student is out $25,000 just like that!

NVREA is unable to give a breakdown of exactly how they derived $40K as the bus tour price. (I asked.) MEGA Clue #1!

Not only that, "students" have to pay for their own hotel (no deal there) and their own transportation to Orange County, CA. (There is a reason we all have to journey to Mecca.) It is the biggest gouge. It only takes 7 bus tours at 300 people each to gross $110,250,000 -- over $110 MILLION in a year. I suppose with that kind of money Nick can have a new Mercedes Maybach every year which is parked in front of the hotel the entire bus tour.

I am not opposed to enjoying the fruits of one's labor but it cannot be at the expense of everyone around them, which this gig IS. This "system" of Nick's has hurt the financial lives of so many marriages and families; it has ruined people. And there are so many things lacking in that bus tour "education" and the mentorship education! It is completely criminal what Nick and Jamie are doing to the people who attend.

My experience is that as soon as someone says something they do not want to hear, NVREA (Jamie Tomlinson with the support of Nick Vertucci) lawyers up. Why? And how is it they can have a case number on this entry when they do not have a defendant? Or a plaintiff: it says "A party has initiated a lawsuit"!

Who vrs. Who here? But somehow, this law firm can just go straight to discovery and a subpoena without the a real plaintiff and real defendant, but there is already a case number? Oh, silly me!

When you are making millions off the people every bus tour, you can pay any lawyer to say anything you want, and that is what NVREA is doing. I am not so sure this lawyer group shouldn't be disbarred for this legal move and in a penitentiary along with the people who paid this lawyer group for a big hush on the person who wrote this post. Jamie Tomlinson lept at the chance to squelch my true speak: he and Nick lawyered up! MEGA Clue #2.

(BTW, just this week, Tucker Carlson called out Tony Podesta on his show, and what did Tony do? He lawyered up and had his lawyer write a cease and desist letter to Tucker. Now I ask, who looks the most guilty there? Why do you think I said this is a Clinton-esque run organization?

Because NVREA uses the same tactics the Left uses!)

To clarify one last definition of terms, Edward Smith, when NVREA says they are protecting their reputation or their network or their students, what they really mean is they are protecting their right to continue to gouge and bilk people out of millions of dollars with a system that does NOT work. If this system of Nick's worked (it doesn't), Nick and Jamie would be running after every real estate deal out there, but they aren't. They are running a seminar company! (And they are not doing a good job at it.) While they have money to show for it, they have gouged the people!

You also need to understand, Edward, that Nick and Jamie have been friends since they were 5 years old, and I cannot say who's the bigger shyster! You cannot go over Jamie thinking Nick will listen; Nick won't and Nick doesn't. And all does Jamie is lawyer up! MEGA Clue #3.

Lastly, Edward, you need to know that on the private Facebook page of NVREA, the first entry that stays in first place at all times is a note from Nick himself on how to "pay him back" by going on and a couple other online consumer sites to tell them how great the NVREA experience was. (Now you know at the conculsion of the bus tour no one yet knows they ain't going to make money with this system, but they are excited, and Nick is capitalizing on it! In fact, Nick directs people to do it right after their bus tour!) Why would you tell people to go on pissedconsumer to tell how great you are? The very name pissed consumer implies that consumers are not happy.

Pissedconsumer bills itself as a CONSUMER advocacy group, not a business advocacy group! Their mission is "To let the world know about consumer experiences with companies and products." MEGA Clue #4. Nick is deliberately misusing the pissedconsumer forum in my opinion as a marketing scheme. You see, the nice thing about is that people can comment on a product whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.

As a potential consumer I can decide whether it is a product/book worth purchasing for myself. But NVREA controls their press. They tell people to make nice, happy comments about them on PISSED consumer! In fact, if you go to ANY of their events, the speaker makes a point to boast how there are NO negative comments about Nick and NVREA online.

And this post just told you why. Nick and Jamie fight every one of them like NVREA is so guilty, and they do not want anyone to know it. This IS a scam. Run, don't walk.

They don't care about anyone else making money except them. In fact, they do not care about anyone. If you try to tell them something, they have a deaf ear! (Funny how, Nick jumped to that when no one accused him of that is this post!) MEGA Clue #5.

The only numbers Nick and Jamie can actually attest to is the addition of funds into their bank account! Factual, true, actual statistics were not presented here. Their speak is just a bunch of marketing cliches! As far as I am concerned, everybody who paid the $25K for the mentorship should be refunded their money.

And the bus tour people should be refunded at least $35,000 -- the $40,000 would be the most honorable thing to do. None of this is worth any money because NO ONE is going to make money using this fail of a system. It's the way it is, and NVREA does NOT care.

God, as my witness, knows that everything I have written here is true, and NVREA is not going to like it; they will fight it. END OF STATEMENT