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Nv Real Estate Academy - I learned so much. Top information and education. Good Follow through.

Nv Real Estate Academy
Hi, I just want to report that even though I did my best to pay attention in class, I haven't been able in implement everything they taught yet. But still, we are flipping houses like crazy and making good money at it. If you are willing to do the work and not give up, then the training is well worth the money. When it was all said and done, we were given the knowledge of all the business practices along with all the forms and scripts needed... Read more

NV Real Estate Academy

Nv Real Estate Academy
Nick Vertucci and his wonderful team do an excellent and thorough job at the Academy (Bus Tour) and provide continued support once you finish the Academy. The education you receive from all them is vital and important. It is a lot of information in those few days and you are given resources to contact once you are back to your home base and starting your business. If you follow the plan they give you, you will succeed. These folks are like a... Read more

Nv Real Estate Academy - Should have done it sooner with NV Real Estate

Nv Real Estate Academy
We were engineers who did not know how to be entrepreneurs. NVREA gave us the education to be able leave our 9-5 jobs and six figure incomes. Read more
Nv Real Estate Academy's reply to:

We have continued to try and make contact with Mr. Gregory and are still willing to help him but he is unwilling to call us back. We have and are trying all methods at our disposal. We will continue to do so because we stand behind our students. The action need at...
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Nv Real Estate Academy - April bus tour 2018

This was one of the most positive events i have ever experienced..these people are the real deal and so is the program! Very supportive of the students and Nick is down to earth and a straight up guy! Getting ready to rumble!
My wife and I just attended the bus tour and have been blown away by the quality, detail and commitment to excellence that NV Real Estate Academy displays. One thing that really resonated was their continued emphasis on integrity and honesty in dealing with people....
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Nv Real Estate Academy - The co being all the way across the US from Maryland i was scared.
SCARED I had a small problem emailed them and they got on it quickly. I honestly thought it was going to drag on. It only took one week and it was resolved. I did what the first introduction video explains. If you did not get the response that you wanted or thought...
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I liked
  • Honest people
I didn't like
  • That time flew in the blink of an eye
So, I tried and tried to find something to criticize. I got nothing. Instead, we discovered a well structured organization whose purpose is to educate and support the success of the new entrepreneurs. My husband and I attended the evening meeting in the Denver, CO area...
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I liked
  • Information
  • Nick vertuccis character
  • Network received
Great Classes, Great connections, Great Education. The time there was well worth it. You just have to do the reviews when you get home and do the work. The FBI mode is very good to know. The website is very valuable. Nick is a gracious person. Sometimes you might feel...
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Nv Real Estate Academy's reply to:

IN the last few days we have tried to reach Mr. Gregory to help him with his situation. Mr. Gregory unfortunately declined help from one of our expert trainers stating that we “could not help.”. NVREA has and always will support our students in success and in more...
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Nv Real Estate Academy - Life changing!!!

No words can explain how much NV Real Estate Acadamy has changed our lives! The knowledge.. the support... AMAZING! They WILL NOT let you fail. Life changing! Thank you Nick Vertucci!!!
I had attended another real estate seminar in 2016. I knew I was interested but that program was not for me. Then in 2017 NVREA came to Reno and I attended the introductory presentation. I liked what I heard and the support system they had in place for the NVREA group....
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Nv Real Estate Academy - Flipping your mindset

There’s much more to Nicks philosophy than just flipping houses. It about real estate and endless opportunities. The education, network, staff, customer service and commitment to excellence start at the top. Nick and his team are second to none. Nick protected his community as a police officer and protect’s his students with the best training in the buisness.