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Trust but verify-this is one of the most important tenets of the system. Look at what we have to say and verify for yourself if this applies for your situation.

I just attended the March-April 2017 Bus Tour with Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Is it worth the investment? The better question is: why did I delay coming to Bus Tour? I realized that I was blaming external forces when the number one leading adversary to success is my own fear.

You will risk what you feel at the time is a lot of your money and will work harder than you have ever worked for dreams. Expecting success to be handed to you by doing nothing other than handing the fees will lead to disappointment. Nick is amazing; he could have easily kept his knowledge to himself. These two words still astound me but are absolutely true: “He cares”.

Instead, he truly wants everyone who is willing to put in the work and willing to hold themselves to the highest standards to set themselves up with the highest probability of success with minimal risks. The sure way to increase your chance of failure is deciding NOT to follow his guidelines and going off on your own in your deals. That is just the tip of the NVREA iceberg. The network required within my Bus Tour as well as previous students provide you with more than enough colleagues, investors, and even friendly competition who are using Nick’s system, who have integrity, and who want each one to win.

There is a Bus Tour Mentor system where you can e-mail and phone your real estate questions. They want you to ask questions; I call them at least once each business day and they really do answer. Huge chunks of knowledge crammed into a few days will not make much sense immediately right after the bus tour. All you will have at the time will be a vague outline of your path.

It is when you utilize your notes and the entire system does your knowledge organically grow. Nick is upfront that this system is a tried and tested vehicle for your success; not a get rich quick scheme. This vehicle is not a flashy sports car that will seems exciting at first and will run out of gas shortly; this is an unbreakable tank that will get safely you from where you are now to where you want to be if you patiently follow the step-by-step driving instructions and be willing to go forwards one step at a time. Please note that the reason this post is marked "anonymous" was that unsuccessfully repeated to log in using my facebook account Marvin Barao Houston, TX I liked: All the staff members and associates as well as the new colleagues I met.

I did not like: Gaining weight from all the good food we were served.

For the return flight, I was politely told to stand in the body scanner and raise my arms for the examination. My friend who was on the same flight told me to “suck my gut in.” I retorted, “I already am.”

Product or Service Mentioned: Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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